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Welcome to the online home of The Dazzling Diamonds Dancers, a spectacular senior dance group based in Jacksonville, Florida.


Jacksonville Landing

The Dazzling Diamonds Dancers will be dancing at the Jacksonville Landing. Watch them perform on Saturday, December 22nd at 7:15.


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about us

The Diamonds are a vibrant, talented, fun loving group of seniors whose name is most befitting to their unique style of self expression. The proud founder of  The Diamonds is Dr. Dawn McDermott. The Diamonds’ branches stems from the Rockettes of the and from their founder, Dr. Dawn McDermott.  

Dr. Dawn met the need for those Seniors 60 and over who wanted to step to a faster more colorful beat.  He formed and groomed The Diamonds in the latter of 2007 from line dancers to confident all around performers of dance, music, poetry and theatre.  Dr. McDermott has a knack for spotting the best in folk and developing their gifts.  Now, The Diamonds are an organized force of senior citizens who are debunking the myths of the ‘aging’ as those who are supposed to be out to pasture.  They dance to a much different beat than society’s misperceptions of those who are 60 and over as if they have found the fountain of youth up close and personal.  No wonder they call themselves The Diamonds; for it conjures up the qualities of a diamond that they all possess.  

They have healthy self images of themselves and life like that of precious stones.  They have pierced through the challenges of life like the hardest substance known to man and have become all the wiser for it.  They have managed to be on the cutting edge of life and not settle for complacency and society’s image of what being over 60 years old is about.Their path to an enriching life does not come without challenges.  They swing and shimmy above arthritis, cancer, pace makers and financial problems to name a few.  

They poise and posture themselves upright above the turbulence and grip the beauties of life with the soles of their feet.  When their 81 year old dancer and singer rocks her shoulders while sashaying down to the ground, one can’t help but think:  “I can live for today, too.”  When a dancing member with a pacemaker breaks out into kicks and costume changes, one can’t help believe that:  “I can overcome, too.”  When their cancer survivor struts across the stage with so much fervor that the audience bursts out epithets like, “Wow, that’s what I’m talkin’ bout,” you know they are reaching the masses and moving the barometer of what seniors can do up some notches!

The dazzling DIAMONDS dancers

Rosa Geiger
Vice President
Janice Hamilton
Dawn McDermott
  • Betty Reddick
  • Lois Mixon
  • Judy Wells
  • Lucille Bess-cole
  • Gwen Harris
  • Janice Hamilton
  • Willa Bell
  • Gloria Richardson

  • Joyce Thompson
  • Pat Singleton
  • Patricia Williams
  • Geneva Davis
  • Carlene Tutts
  • Cora Woodard
  • Olivia Clarke
  • Mildred Johnson
  • Rosa Geiger
  • Mary J. Cobb
  • Gladys Davis

In Loving Memory

Ms. Mae Kate Shannon

Ms. Mae Kate Shannon was an honorary and devoted member of the Dazzling Diamonds Dancers. She passed away on July 30, 2011. She was a very special lady who really loved the Diamonds. Ms. Shannon will be truely missed by all who knew her.

Mrs. Karyln Robinson

R.I.P. to former Diamond, Mrs. Karyln Robinson Ellis. She will be missed dearly, but she's still dancing in heaven.

Important Events


The Diamonds were invited to perform a whopping 5 numbers at ‘The Hill’s’ center-on-the-round  in Tallahassee.


This is where The Diamonds were first coined as, ‘The Dazzling Diamonds’.  They are favorites at the historical landmark theatre that boasts some of America’s biggest celebrities in their Hall of Fame museum. Biggest of all, they won grand prize at The Heralded Amateur Contest.


Hopefuls cross their fingers to audition and be selected to perform at this event.  The Diamonds were personally invited.  They danced right into the crowds’ hearts.  They quickly became the anthem for the seniors in attendance and the bridge that sealed the generational gap for the young.


The Diamonds danced at both Senior Expo and Southern Women’s Festival at The Prime Asborn center for 3 years


 This was held at the Metropolitan Park where many international musicians perform.  It is the mainstage for the World of Nations and the world renowned Jacksonville Jazz Festival.  The Diamonds spiced things up and were very well received.


Danced at the Eatonvilleville Festival with Frankie Beverly, Martin Luther King Festival in Palatka, FL and Black History Month festivals in Columbia, South Carolina, New York city and Jacksonville Florida for 3 years.

Alhambre theater

The Diamonds danced at the Alhambre theater in New York City, NY.

America's got talent

The Diamonds danced and auditioned for "America's Got Talent".

nursing homes & assisted living facilities

The Diamonds dance at 10 nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Jacksonville, Orange Park and Green Cove Springs on a monthly basis.


Would you like to know how to get in contact with this talented group of Diamonds?
Below is the information you need to contact them for bookings and/or more information.
Dr. D. D. McDermott
3337 Phoenix Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32206  

Gladys Davis
P.O. Box 41561,
Jacksonville, FL 32203-1561

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